Royal Gold Sunara


Sunara (sunny) is a beautiful and correct 2002 Buckskin Morgan filly. Out of my brother's lovely The Dominator daughter and by our handsome Perlino Morgan stallion, Andy. Sunara has a lovely laid back shoulder, great hip and smooth top-line, beautiful expressive head and balanced  movement. It looks like she is really coming up into herself and we hope she will make a nice Classic or Western show horse. She is so calm and sweet that we have already been riding her for short periods and she wants to explore it all. She is a supreme example of show color breeding at it's best. We have decided to keep her. She is the best minded horse we have ever owned. Her full sibling 2005 foal will be offered for sale.



Sunny as a yearling


Sunny as a two year old

Sunara at three




Sunara's lovely dam, Crestfield Cassandra


Sunara's sire, Finally's Mr. Andy