Crestfield's Cassandra

(The Dominator x Crestfield Charisma)

We are devastated by the loss of this amazing and gentle mare. our farm will never recover from her loss and we pray to God that she is running free in lush green pastures. I made a date with her for a ride in Heaven and I will see my dear friend again some day. She gave us two amazing daughters that we are so blessed to have to carry on her legacy. 

Cassandra is a lovely mare, just our ideal Morgan mare with huge movement and refinement.

Cassy's breeding is outstanding, combining the lovely Tug Hill Commando with the Cajun Pepper trot.

Owned by Robert Ponto

Below are her two lovely daughters



Royal Gold Sunara  - "Sunny"

2002 Morgan mare









Royal Gold Cassanna - "Anna"

2005 Morgan filly









Dam, Crestfield Charisma

Crestfield Cassandra "Cassy"

 Sire, The Dominator