Finally's Mr. Amos - Perlino Dun Morgan stallion

Amos will not be standing to the public in 2010.

Congratulations to this outstanding colt for being the April 2005 Issue of "The Morgan Horse" Magazine's cover horse.



Due to a past illness we will again not be standing Amos to the public in 2010. He has made a wonderful recovery and is doing well but our fear is that breeding season is unpredictable and we sometimes have to collect in the terrible heat that can sometimes effect us in the summer down in the south. We do not wish to create a great stress burden on Amos, he is more important to us then producing a large quantity of foals. We plan to breed a few of our own mares this season so please contact us if you would be interested in a foal from Amos.

Finally's Mr. Amos is an exotic long necked beauty. His body is well balanced with nice bone, yet he carries ultra refinement not seen often in colorfuls. He has one of the most beautiful heads with huge eyes and small foxy ears. We feel he will produce quality Buckskin and Palomino Morgans as well as helping to contribute to the rare dun population. He has sired for us personally the most beautiful and exotic colorful Morgans we have produced. This young stallion is a standout in the colorful Morgan breed and we are so very proud of his foals to date. We have found the horse world to be very completive, some people love to bash the competition. We want no part of that and we stand on what our stallions' produce. People will tell you all sorts of things to sell you a horse or a breeding but in the end it is that horse that you have to live with, feed and spend money on. Foals of a stallion speak millions and we would not stand our boys if they did not produce exceptional quality for us and for our clients. If someone has to tell you bad things about their competition in order to sell their horses or breedings then I would have to ask why? We urge everyone to look at as many foals as they can by the stallion of their choice before making the important decision of  breeding their mare. Our stallions may not be right for your mare, they are not perfect no horse is!  and every horse has faults but we are very open and honest about what mares we think cross well and do not on our stallions. 

Amos is double line bred to Pendleton Buck Missy the only preserver of Dun in the Morgan breed. Because Amos also carries the dun gene he should produce dun 50% of the time and color (Buckskin, Palomino 100% of the time. Amos tested Ee- AA-CC- Dun with UC Davis. This means he is homozygous for bay and cannot produce smoky black or smoky grullas. The only colors Amos can produce on Bay, black, or chestnut mares is Palomino, Dunalino, buckskin, or dunskin.

We are very excited to offer this elegant stallion to not only the color Morgan breeder but the breeder of quality Morgans no matter what the color or discipline. Amos is a truly beautiful Morgan first and foremost, add to this the fact that he is also a 100% color producer as well as a very rare Perlino Dun.






What colored foals can I expect when I breed my Chestnut, Bay or Black mare to Amos? You are guaranteed to get one of the following colors below. Amos can not produce smoky black or grulla his testing from UC Davis came back as  Cr Cr Ee AA Dun. 


This filly may be a brown buckskin and the verdict is still out whether she also carries the dun gene.


 (Buckskin plus. Dun markings)



(Palomino plus Dun markings)



Photos of Amos' Markings

Leg bars and dorsal

Amos' Conformation




Finally's Mr.
Amos Frick

 Robbie Sue's Mr.Alert

Glamorgan Vista

Townshend Vigilstarr

Orcland Vigildon

Townshend Sealecta

Windcrest Charm

Upwey Ben Don

Little Sister
Robbie-Sue Misalert

Robbie Sue Moralert

Springdale King

Tamarlei Concertina

Pendleton Buck Missy

King Richard


Finally Tuesday Morn

Robbi Sue's Taters

Applevale Monarch



Robbi Sue Misalert

Robbi Sue Moralert

Pendleton Buck Missy

Great Birch Enchant

GB Prancer

BL Dakota Red

Bald Mt. Vigilkate

Sams American Beauty

UVM Enchantor

Red Nellie


Royal Gold Adonis 

2005 Palomino colt- Sold

Amos's Foals



The first foal born in 2006 is a lovely Dunalino Filly owned and bred by Marilyn Esteb
Stone Pine Farm
Larkspur, CO

Dunalino Morgan Filly

Dunalino Morgan Filly


Amos' Second foal, a gorgeous Dunalino Colt owned by Diane Clemmons, Fl. Hopefully more photos to come soon. He has very pretty Blue/green eyes.

Amos' Third foal is a half Morgan dunskin filly out of a Bay upper level dressage Thoroughbred. This baby will be registered as an American Warmblood. She has the prettiest blue green eyes. 



Amos' fourth baby is a full sibling to our very own Adonis. Owned by Lynn and Jim Butler, Cedarcrest Morgans, Illinois

What an exotic beauty this filly is! Her color is a brown buckskin. Unfortunately this filly passed away due to complications from a hernia surgery. It was a great loss to everyone who knew and loved this gorgeous filly.


Palomino Colt. His owner says he also has dorsal and leg bars but they are much lighter. He may also be a Dunalino

Royal Gold Amarah RAF

2006 Brown Buckskin  Filly


Royal Gold Solomon

2007 Buckskin colt- For Sale

Royal Gold Ariston - 2007 Dunalino Colt- For Sale
Royal Gold Apollo - 2007 Dunalino colt - Sold to Sweden

Shown right as a coming two year old in his new home


DM Aimee Farrah- 2207Dunalino filly

Owned by Dm Morgans  Marilyn Vander Wekken  Alberta Canada

I have so many more wonderful photos from outside mares I will add soon. Please send me your best and hound me to get this site updated!!!!


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